Every holiday season we hope that things will go just right.  We want the grocery store to have all the ingredients we need to make a spectacular dinner; we want the turkey to be cooked completely yet still moist; we want everyone in the family to get along, and all around we don’t want any unpleasant surprises.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, the joyous holiday season can be marked with problems.  While Holloway Plumbing can’t help you bake the perfect pumpkin pie, or help your family to get along, we love any opportunity to help prevent the need for a plumbing repair.  Because we get the most calls about clogged garbage disposals  and broken garbage disposals in the days just after Thanksgiving, we want to share with you these tips for keeping your garbage disposal working great.

Proper Garbage Disposal Usage Tips for the Residents of Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and Boerne, TX

  • Before you turn on your garbage disposal, turn on the cold water and let it flow down the drain until after you have turned off the garbage disposal.
  • Never put the following foods into the disposal:  pasta, rice, corn husks, animal bones, cooking oils, grease, celery, onion skins, poultry skins, and potato peels.  These foods can cause clogs or jam the garbage disposal motor.
  • Use your garbage disposal regularly, not just when you have a large gathering.  Regular use prevents rusting, corrosion, and ceased up mechanical parts.
  • Make sure that materials that don’t belong in the garbage disposal don’t end up in it.  This includes plastic, metal, glass, and paper materials.
  • Wipe down greasy pots and pans with paper towels and discard paper towels into trash before placing pots and pans into the sink.

The local plumbers at Holloway Plumbing hope that these pointers will help some families avoid the need for garbage disposal repair this holiday season, but if you ever need help unclogging a garbage disposal or if you’re looking for someone to do a garbage disposal installation, Holloway Plumbing is here to help.  If you find yourself in need of plumbing service this holiday season, or anytime, Holloway Plumbing is the local plumbing company you can trust.

And this November and December Holloway Plumbing is holding a FOOD DRIVE to benefit Christian Assistance Ministry! We will take 5 dollars off any Holloway plumbing service or repair for each can of food or non-perishable food product you donate up to 20 dollars!

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