In the last blog we discussed the different types of plastic pipes found in homes in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Boerne and the Surrounding Areas. In this blog we will discuss the different types of metal plumbing pipes you can find in your home or business.

The plumbing in your home or business is often something you only think about when you have a problem. Something backs up because of a blocked pipe or something doesn’t work the way it should, and you start looking around. You look under the cabinets, behind the toilet, or near your water heater. In any event, you actually learn what types of plumbing pipes are in your house. At this point, the only distinction may be whether they are metal or plastic pipes. Luckily, copper pipes are quite distinct in color and are easy to recognize, but did you know that there are other types of metal pipes? Over time, plumbing has developed and expanded to meet the needs of the people. Thus, companies experimented with different types of metal, and they’ve now expanded into other materials as well. For now, we can focus on the metal pipes you may find in your home or commercial business.

One of the most common, and most expensive, types of metal pipes is copper. Copper pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and rust while being highly tolerant of heat. On the other hand, one of the least common types is Cast iron. Cast Iron pipes were used mostly for drainage, but plumbers rarely—if ever—use this type of metal because it is extremely heavy and difficult to work with. If you need to replace broken cast iron pipe, PVC is a good choice because it joins well with cast iron. Finally, there are two types of steel pipes that plumbers can use: galvanized or stainless. Not seen as often in household use, stainless steel pipes are strong and highly resistant to corrosion, but even more expensive than copper pipes. They’re used in marine environments where salt water would erode other metal pipes. In contrast, galvanized steel pipes were used extensively in home plumbing in the 1960s, particularly outdoors. They were often buried and used as supply lines. Galvanized steel is only slightly resistant to corrosion and rust, and has a life expectancy of about forty years. Lastly, if you live in a home or work in a building in the Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Boerne and the Surrounding Areas that was built before 1986 it may have lead pipes or lead materials in the plumbing. You should consider having the water quality tested to make sure there in no lead present. Lead can cause very serious health problems.

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