March 11th is World Plumbing Day. This is the day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of plumbing. Plumbers protect the health and safety of human beings every day by making sure that the water in your home is safe and by helping you maintain high standards of sanitation. Plumbers also are great stewards of our natural resources. They help protect the dwindling fresh water supply by designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing both water efficient and energy efficient appliances and plumbing systems.

Only 7 percent of earth’s water is fresh water, and 70 percent of that water is frozen in the polar ice cap. Pollution and overuse is also taxing this small percentage of fresh water still available. As plumbers we take this issue very seriously and are constantly working to raise awareness about water conservation. A leaky pipe is not only dangerous to your home and health, it is also wasting water and energy. That is why we advocate yearly maintenance and inspections, and the replacement of old appliances with newer more efficient models. An old water heater not only waste’s water, it wastes energy and money.

So this March 11th why not celebrate World Plumbing Day by doing your part to conserve water? Even a little change will make a big difference if we all do it collectively. You could replace an old showerhead with a more water efficient showerhead…you won’t even notice the difference. Or replace your old toilet with a low flow toilet and your faucets with low flow faucets. The monetary investment is minimal but the positive impact you will have is impressive.

This World Plumbing Day we ask you to join with us in celebrating our craft and all it does for the safety of our communities and environment. Holloway Plumbing is an established, professional, plumbing company dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our residential and commercial customers. We’re committed to friendly, courteous, timely customer service. Your satisfaction is important to us because we’re not just your plumbers, we’re your neighbors.

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