It’s National Fix a Leak Week here in Kerrville, and our local plumbing company wants to help you put an end to the leaks that are costing you money and wasting one of our world’s most precious natural resources!  Did you know that each year a trillion or more gallons of water are wasted unnecessarily because of household leaks?  It’s simply unacceptable!  It’s time to stop leaks for the sake of our wallets and the environment!  And that’s why Holloway Plumbing is on a mission to help Kerrville locate water leaks.

The first step to leak detection and leak repair is to know if you’ve got a leak.  Here are two things you can do at your Kerrville home to find out:

  1. Take a look at your water meter and jot down the numbers.  Don’t use any water for two hours, then head back to the water meter and check the reading again.  Has the reading changed?  If the meter numbers have changed, you’ve probably got a leak!
  2. A family of four uses around 12,000 gallons or less of water each month.  Take a look at your water bill for a chillier month.  Did your household use more than 12,000 gallons?  If so, you’ve probably got a significant leak!

Okay, so now if you’ve determined that you have a leak, it’s time to get leak repair service.  There are many different types of water leaks, and you may need a Kerrville certified plumber to determine the exact location of the leak.  There are toilet leaks, faucet leaks, showerhead leaks, slab leaks, and pipe leaks, and if you haven’t seen something dripping it can be difficult to know where to begin.  Our plumbing contractors are experts when it comes to leak detection in the Kerrville area and will be happy to not only locate the leak, but repair it in such a way that it won’t come back!

holloway-plumbingSome minor leaks can be fixed easily and inexpensively.  Take a look at our Fix a Leak Guide to see if your leak might have a quick fix!  Even a minor leak costs money and wastes water, so why not get it repaired?  Just remember that DIY leak repair can be risky, so if you’re not confident in what you’re doing, call Holloway Plumbing!

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