If you’ve had a stopped drain at your Kerrville home or business more than once, chances are you’re not just looking for drain cleaning service; you’re searching for a way to keep your drains flowing clear in the future, so that you don’t have to call a local plumber over and over again.  At Holloway Plumbing we know that having to get plumbing service repeatedly is a nuisance, so we carry environmentally safe plumbing products that can help keep your drains from becoming clogged again.

First of all, it’s important to note that our Bio Smart drain cleaning products are not the same as the “do-it-yourself” drain cleaning chemicals that you can buy at the store.  Store-bought drain cleaners can be dangerous to people and pets because they are corrosive and can burn skin or eyes.  They also don’t always work.  At Holloway, our certified plumbers have carefully selected environmentally safe Bio Smart drain cleaning products that work naturally and will not damage your drains or plumbing pipes.  Our green drain cleaning products contain naturally occurring bacteria that eat up the materials causing the clog.  These drain cleaners work particularly well for restaurant owners whose drains are constantly becoming clogged with grease and fats.  Because the bacteria actually digest the clog-causing material, the waste will not just be pushed elsewhere; it will be eliminated.

At Holloway Plumbing, unclogging your drains is our short-term goal, but keeping them clear is our long-term goal.  Of course, we offer hydro-jetting and cable drain cleaning services and we can eliminate even the toughest of clogs, but we don’t stop there; we can help you maintain your clear drains, so that you can minimize the need for plumbing service.  Whether you need residential or commercial drain cleaning service  in Kerrville or Fredericksburg, Holloway is the plumbing company you can rely on to get the job done right!

And this November and December Holloway Plumbing is holding a FOOD DRIVE to benefit Christian Assistance Ministry! We will take 5 dollars off any Holloway plumbing service or repair for each can of food or non-perishable food product you donate up to 20 dollars!

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