How does your tap water taste?  Do you want to chug a glass of it right now, or does it have a funky taste?  Are you buying bottled water?  Could your dishes and laundry be cleaner?  Is your water as safe for bathing and consumption as you think it is?  At Holloway Plumbing, Kerrville water quality is one of our top priorities.  No, we can’t stop pollution, and no, we can’t prevent agricultural runoff and chemical spills from occurring.  But what we can do is provide clean, contaminant-free water to your home via a water filtration system.

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot on the news about contaminated water due to chemical spills (like the major one in West Virginia), but the plumbers at Holloway Plumbing are even more concerned with the leaks, runoff, and pollution that doesn’t make the news.  If a problem with your water wasn’t broadcast on the local news, would you know about it?  At Holloway, we believe in being proactive about water quality.  Not only can a water filtration system help keep you from becoming ill, it can help in other ways as well.

Why Kerrville Residents Should Consider a Whole House Water Filter:

  • Your water will taste better, so you won’t need to waste money on bottled water and water filtration pitchers.
  • The water filter will remove harmful contaminants, making your water safer for bathing, cooking, and drinking.
  • A whole house water filter will clean your water before it reaches your water heater, so you’ll have clean hot and cold water.
  • Because your water is cleansed of sediments and impurities, your clothes and towels will come out of the wash cleaner.


Our certified plumbers will help you choose the water filtration system that is right for your Kerrville home or business.  We can even do a water quality test to check the level of hardness of your home’s water to see if you could benefit from a water softener as well.  Don’t wait to hear about local water contamination on the television—take the first step to ensuring the safety of your water by contacting the expert plumbers at Holloway Plumbing!