As much as the Boerne certified plumbers at Holloway like doing plumbing repairs and drain cleaning, we do get a certain amount of enjoyment out of preventing plumbing issues too.  There are a few plumbing maintenance things that you can do yourself at home that can help you avoid the need for plumbing service.  The following plumbing maintenance tips are safe and eco-friendly, but you must always keep in mind that depending on the extent of your plumbing issue, they might not always be enough.  Give these DIY green plumbing maintenance ideas a try, and if they fail, that just means you get to see the face of one of our friendly Boerne plumbing contractors!

Eco-friendly DIY Drain Cleaning in Boerne

hollowayIf your drain is only moderately clogged you may be able to clear the drain with our homemade drain cleaning solution. Click here for this special drain cleaner recipe.  The great thing about this homemade drain cleaner is that it is safe and environmentally friendly.  Store bought drain cleaning chemicals can actually do more harm than good.  They’re oftentimes ineffective, and they’re dangerous because they can cause skin burns, or, if the drain cleaning chemicals get into eyes, blindness.  The drain cleaning chemicals purchased at stores should never be kept in a home with children for these reasons and because they are extremely toxic if ingested.  So, this DIY, eco-friendly drain cleaner can be great, but remember it won’t be powerful enough to eliminate a really tough drain clog.  For that, you’ll need hydro-jetting service or cable drain cleaning service.

Eco-friendly DIY Garbage Disposal Maintenance in Boerne

Many garbage disposal repairs can be prevented if the garbage disposal is used properly.  We know it can be tempting to chuck anything and everything down the garbage disposer, but a little care can go a long way to increasing the lifespan of your garbage disposal.  Try doing the following to keep your garbage disposal running great and not smelling foul:

  • Smelly garbage disposal?  Try letting it run with a little dish soap and water after each use.
  • Avoid putting corn husks, celery stalks, cigarette butts, onion skins, bacon  grease, cooking oils, glass, metal, and plastics into your garbage disposal.
  • Garbage disposal still smelly?  Try grinding up a few orange peels.
  • Scour the grime off your garbage disposal’s blades by grinding up some ice cubes.
  • Never put a chemical drain cleaner into the garbage disposer.

These eco-friendly tips for your garbage disposal can only go so far.  If your garbage disposer isn’t functioning, chances are you’ll need a garbage disposal repair or replacement.  If this is the case, call Holloway Plumbing for assistance.

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