September is National Baby Safety Month, and Holloway Plumbing would like to provide our readers with a few tips to promote child safety. One of the appliances we rarely think about is the water heater in our Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Boerne, & Texas Hill County  homes. Generally, as long as it’s working and we can take a hot shower or wash dishes, we’re content. Something we may not think about is the temperature of the water heater. If children are in your home it’s important to keep the temperature to a maximum of 120°F to prevent scalding. As the temperature of the water increases, the time it takes to produce serious burns drastically decreases. For example, 120°F water takes more than 5 minutes to produce a serious burn; however, water set to 130°F takes only 30 seconds.

Another way to keep children safe is to test baths and hot running water before allowing your children to interact with it. A child’s skin is more sensitive to temperatures than an adult’s, so you want to test the water with your elbow or the inside of your wrist. If your child develops a burn from hot water, consult your physician right away because different burns require different types of treatment.

Most residential water heaters have a large dial that lists temperatures that you can use to adjust the temperature. Some have knobs that say “hot,” which equates to about 150°F; “warm,” which equals 110°F; and “vacation,” which is the lowest setting to use when you will be gone for long periods of time. If you are unsure how to adjust your water heater  don’t worry!

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