One of the most important commercial plumbing services  we offer at Holloway Plumbing is backflow prevention.  Backflow occurs when the normal flow of water in your plumbing is reversed, sending dirty water or other substances back into the clean, drinkable water.  Typically this happens because water pressure is lost, oftentimes because of frozen pipes, a burst water main, or an unusually high demand on the water system.  At any business, backflow can be a major problem and is surely an issue Holloway Plumbing likes to help our commercial customers in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and Boerne prevent.

Here’s what you can do to avoid backflow in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, & Boerne:

  1. Have Holloway Plumbing install backflow prevention devices.  There are many products available to save you from a backflow disaster.  We’ll send a local plumber to your business that can help you to choose and install the right backflow prevention product for your individual needs.
  2. Have our plumbing contractors do backflow testing to ensure that your backflow prevention devices will work up to par.  Our plumbers are certified in backflow testing and a little testing      now could prevent a costly plumbing repair later.

Water contamination is a serious problem that you can help to avoid by taking the appropriate measures to prevent backflow at your business.  Our best advice at Holloway Plumbing is to take action to thwart plumbing issues before they become a costly mess.  Let one of our commercial plumbers help to ensure backflow will not be a problem at your Kerrville, Fredericksburg, or Boerne business.  We can also assist you in taking care of any plumbing code violations you may have.

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